COVID-19 Response

Black people, brown people, low-income people, immigrants, and other vulnerable populations are dying, experiencing the worst outcomes of the COVID-19 crisis nationally and globally…

We need to do something about this NOW!

is People-Powered Solutions

Young, old, rich, poor, people of color, immigrants, indigenous folks, LGBQTIA+.

Streetwyze is YOUR WAY to connect and share what’s really going on with COVID your community.

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For a limited time, we will give you a

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to share your stories because we want to support our communities and we know times are hard!

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*Limited supply available. We are applying for additional funds to support this important resource. If you are interested in providing funds or grocery/food gift cards please contact us at tcruz@streetwyze.com


Here are the types of things community members are finding/sharing on Streetwyze during COVID-19

All it takes is 10-15 mins to earn a $25 gift card!

All you have to do is share 10 Resources/Stories on Streetwyze.
See “Getting Going” below to learn how you can sign up for free NOW!

*Limited supply available.


Getting Going


SW works on any device with a browser
Just go to covid.streetwyze.com to sign up. Works on any mobile, phone, computer, tablet.


Create a user name and password
User names will be visible to everyone so please make up a pretend, fake, made-up name so only you know who you are when you are on the Streetwyze platform.


Privacy & Data Ownership
The Streetwyze platform uses state of the art encrypted technology so your information is safe and secure.
Your data is yours, and you can delete it any time you want and take it out of the system


Get Going
Start adding your stories on the map so you and others can better search for resources that make our lives


Need help?

Watch video tutorials on how to sign up and use Streetwyze here.

Need Streetwyze in your language? Currently, Streetwyze is available in 5 languages. If your language is not available–please let us know!

Have questions? Interested in learning more? Contact us: tcruz@streetwyze.com