Engaging Undocumented Families in Florida

The Tremaine Foundation supported Streetwyze and the Learning Alliance to engage undocumented communities in Fellsmere and Vero Beach, Florida to improve access to goods, services, and resources for families and their children.

Air Quality and Environmental Justice

Newark, New Jersey consistently ranks among the lowest in air quality and has one of the higher rates of asthma. To address this challenge, Streetwyze was a part of a first of its kind partnership with Ironbound Community Corporation, the Kresge foundation, and the New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance, to launch an innovative program which used the Streetwyze platform to collect real-time data, location-based data, and data visualize what’s triggering residents’ symptoms and inform broader local clean air strategies. The Streetwyze mobile, mapping, and SMS platform helped community members gather, verify and pinpoints reports of air quality and other environmental indicators on an interactive map based on crowd-sourced text, photo and video reports. Residents also mapped community resources from an Asset Based Community Development perspective. Streetwyze data was able to influence cumulative causation policy in Newark locally, as well as across NJ regionally, and local community members are now working with Senator Cory Booker to pass similar policy across Environmental Justice communities nationally.

Key Findings/Stats:

Geography of Homelessness

Streetwyze partnered with people experiencing homelessness, St Mary’s homeless shelter, and UCSF’s Center for Vulnerable Populations to use real-time data, location-based data, and data visualization to help homelessness individuals over 50 navigate public and private spaces and access life-saving resources. Through Streetwyze’s secure, state of the art, private accounts, people experiencing homelessness used “activity mapping” to share the challenges they face navigating communities, the assets and resources they rely on, and places/space that bring them peace and joy.   The Geography of Homelessness project is important because it demonstrates how homeless populations can use the Streetwyze platform and process to create a local knowledge ecosystem that can help make visible the invisible unmet basic social needs of one of our nation’s most vulnerable populations.

Key Findings/Stats: