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local knowledge

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The People who live, learn, work, play, and stay in your neighborhood

Find what you’re
lookin’ 4

Discover hotspots and hidden gems using the power of
local knowledge

Making It Easy

Search Services.
Get what you want when you need it.

A way for you to navigate your neighborhood and discover
hidden gems with real time help from the community.

Share your story

Tag photos, audio and video by
location in real time.

Map your world

*You are the expert
*Nobody knows your neighborhood better than you
*Share your story about the places you care about
*Talk about what’s really goin’ on in your neighborhood.
*Tag pics and lift up the spaces that bring you joy using our unique
mapping features.
*Speak your wisdom.
*Move the Crowd


  • Is where young people go to share their stories about hidden gems in the neighborhood…
  • Is where Black, Latinx, Asian, and indigenous communities go to find and share culturally specific needs…
  • Is where poor and rural people go to find resources to make ends meet….
  • Is where single moms, women, and pregnant people go to discuss safe parks…
  • Is where disabled communities go to find things they are looking for…
  • It’s the go to place for social service providers, hospitals, health-care clinics, cities, and planners to connect with community and discover Community-Led, Community- driven, Community-Generated Solutions that have massive social and economic impact

And here’s the thing— on the community’s terms.

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