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Streetwyze was invited by Enterprise Community Partners, the US’s largest non-profit affordable housing provider, to be a partner on their Opportunity 360 initiative.  Powered in partnership by Streetwyze’s community-driven data platform, the Opportunity 360 Dashboard ranks neighborhoods on key measures of opportunity, including affordable housing, education, access to jobs, transportation, healthy food, safe spaces for kids and families, air quality and beyond.  Recognized by Harvard’s Data Smart Cities, the National Center for Smart Growth, the National Low Income Housing Coalition, and cities including Austin, TX, users can create one-click Measurement Reports that provide the framework and data necessary to assess both the available pathways to opportunity and the outcomes of opportunity in any neighborhood in the country. Overall, the people-powered dashboard offers a comprehensive view into a neighborhood and facilitates a strategic, asset-building approach to community development. From benchmarking a project to designing an evaluation of specific interventions, the dashboard is being used nationally by developers, healthcare providers, investors, planners, architects, engineers, community members, and beyond to ensure that community development is positioned to make smart investments and create collaborative solutions in partnership with everyday people in order to transform low income and communities of color across the country.

Streetwyze Powered Opportunity 360 Data Dashboard outcomes:

  • $43.6 billion invested
  • 585,000+ affordable homes developed
  • 590,000 patient visits
  • 500,000 jobs created
  • 16,000+ educational seats created
  • 1+ million lives connected to opportunity pathways in communities nationwide